Felony DUI

Beverly Hills Felony Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Serving Greater Los Angeles

A misdemeanor DUI arrest is very serious, and the consequences for each additional DUI arrest become increasingly serious—including the possibility or even likelihood of prison time.

When you are facing a felony drunk driving / DUI charge (called DWI in other states), you need strong and effective representation. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin aggressively defends clients in tough and challenging DUI cases. If you have been arrested for a second, third, or fourth DUI, contact us now at 310-273-9600 to schedule your free consultation.

Our firm represents clients in all DUI cases, including:

We also represent clients in first-time DUI cases.

If you choose us to represent you, we will build a strong defense designed to preserve your freedom.

Aggressive Trial Representation

As a former prosecutor, attorney Jonathan Franklin has a clear understanding of DUI law and the judicial process as it affects DUI prosecutions. He understands how the state prosecutes felony DUI cases—and also how to challenge their evidence and arguments.

Our firm will look at all aspects of your case—the stop, the investigation, the testing, and physical factors that might provide the basis for a successful defense. The strength of our case preparation and presentation has enabled us to negotiate favorable plea agreements in many cases. If necessary however, we will aggressively represent you in a trial to obtain a dismissal of charges or a not-guilty verdict.

A drunk-driving accident or felony DUI arrest does not always have to lead to jail. With our help, you may be able to overcome the charge or minimize the penalties you face.

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