Lewd Conduct / Solicitation of a Prostitute

Lewd Conduct Lawyer Los Angeles

In recent years, police entrapment actions in the Los Angeles area have lured many people into compromising situations, leading to arrest on lewd conduct charges and solicitation of a prostitute. These criminal charges carry penalties which can potentially include jail time, a hefty fine, community service, and an order to stay away from the location where the arrest occurred. In addition, the suspect can suffer from feelings of embarrassment and fear that the arrest will become known to family, neighbors, and co-workers. If your employer has a zero-tolerance policy regarding felony convictions or criminal convictions in general, you could lose your job. If you are an immigrant, a conviction for lewd conduct or soliciting a prostitute may be a deportable offense, even if you plead guilty to a lesser charge.

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Facing Charges of Lewd Conduct and Solicitation of a Prostitute

The Lewd Conduct Lawyer Los Angeles at the law office of Jonathan Franklin represents people charged with lewd conduct or the solicitation of a prostitute involving the following:

  • Exposing one’s self in public
  • Lewd acts in public spaces and public bathrooms
  • Soliciting a prostitute in public or online
  • Offering sexual services on Craig’s List or on other websites
  • Engaging in sexual behavior in a bar, restaurant, park, or bathroom

Challenging the Prosecution’s Lewd Conduct Allegations

Depending on the circumstances of your case, however, it may be possible to obtain a dismissal of the charge or a reduced charge-one that does not carry the same penalties or social stigma as does a lewd conduct or indecent exposure charge. In cases involving allegations of prostitution and sting operations, undercover agents often use sub-standard recording equipment that results in poor, indistinct recordings. Here, it may be next to impossible to determine what was actually said. Without hard evidence that an offer of money was made in exchange for sexual favors, the prosecution may be forced to either dismiss or reduce the charges against you.

These cases have unique characteristics, and there are specific provisions of California law which apply. For this reason, it is essential that you obtain representation by a defense lawyer experienced in such cases. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm.

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