Special Charges

While most people learn about the main charges for DUI when talking to the court and to their West Hollywood DUI Lawyer, there are a variety of additional charges and circumstances that may have an affect on the case. While these are not a complete list, here are some of the most common circumstances for special charges.

First, if a child below the age of fourteen was present within the vehicle, the court is not very likely to be inclined towards much mercy, as endangering children is often considered even worse than endangering everyone else. DUI Defense Attorneys West Hollywood can provide invaluable assistance during times like these.

You might also encounter situations like a blood alcohol test where the reading is .15% or above. This number is important because it’s about twice the legal limit, and studies have clearly indicated that a higher degree of intoxication can be more dangerous than a low level. DUI Defense Lawyers West Hollywood can also help you if you were involved in any sort of vehicle collision, were speeding at any point during your trip, or if you refused to submit to a chemical test when asked to by a police officer.

Each of these situations creates a complication in your case that a DUI Attorney West Hollywood can help you get through. The higher the charges, the more important representation from DUI Attorneys West Hollywood, so don’t hesitate to contact an attorney and ask about what your options might be.