Expungements/Clearing Your Record

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Years after it happened, a criminal conviction can continue to haunt you. A criminal conviction can eliminate you from consideration for certain jobs. It can prevent you from applying to some schools and colleges. It can harm your career. Personally, it can be a source of embarrassment and regret that is always present and never goes away.

There may be a solution, however. It may be possible to seal your juvenile criminal records. Certain criminal convictions and arrests can be expunged from your adult criminal record, as well. After the issuance of the expungement, you can truthfully say that you have never been arrested or convicted of the crime on a job application.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin helps seal criminal records and obtain expungements for clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.

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What an Expungement Can Do for You

Obtaining an expungement has many benefits. An expungement can clear the way for career advancement or entrance into a college or university. It can also help you close the books on an event better left forgotten and enable you to look forward, rather than back. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin may be able to help you take this important step in your life. The firm can also help seal your criminal records and explain how this differs from expungement.

However, expungement is a complex area of law in California. Determining whether an expungement is possible in a particular case can be a challenge, and the process of obtaining one may involve a legal hearing. If you are interested in seeking an expungement of your criminal record, it is a good idea to hire a Beverly Hills Expungement Lawyer.

Attorney Jonathan Franklin has extensive experience in criminal defense and expungement. He can evaluate your situation and, if the crime can be expunged, he can take action to obtain it for you. While the process is routine and little action is required on your part, a personal appearance with Mr. Franklin at the expungement hearing is advisable.

The process usually takes a few months. After an expungement order, or order to seal a criminal record is issued by the court, you need not disclose your arrest or conviction, barring some extremely limited exceptions. Multiple convictions can be expunged or sealed, but this must be done on a sequential basis.

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