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If you are arrested in California for DUI (called DWI in other states), a series of legal events begins that can result in a jail sentence, a fine, and the suspension of your driver’s license. If you have already been convicted for drunk driving, the penalties for DUI increase.

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It is essential that you are represented by experienced counsel who can successfully deal with the various issues growing out of the arrest. In California, a person charged with DUI will have their license confiscated by the arresting officer. You will be given a piece of paper that functions as a temporary license. Your temporary license should indicate that your license will be suspended within 30 days unless you schedule a DMV hearing to resolve the matter. You have only 10 days after your arrest to schedule a DMV hearing. You will also have an opportunity to enter a pre-trial motion to suppress evidence or dismiss the charges against you if an officer failed to follow proper procedure or stopped your car without reasonable suspicion.

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After a DUI Arrest in Los Angeles

We represent clients in drunk-driving cases, including:

If you are a student at UCLA, USC, or any other local college or university in the Los Angeles and the Southern California area, an underage DUI arrest can affect your ability to get a driver’s license and create other complications for you. If marijuana is found in your car as well, a drug possession conviction could affect your eligibility for financial aid. We can review your situation and case and discuss how best to resolve your underage or drug possession charge.

Achieving a Positive Outcome in DUI Cases in Los Angeles

Just because your breath or blood-alcohol tested .08 or above does not mean that conviction on the charge is a certainty. There may be procedural, mechanical, or biological factors on which a successful defense can be based. For example, the police may have made an improper stop. The breath or blood test may not have been conducted correctly. Or, the breath testing machine may not have been in proper working order.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin will thoroughly investigate all of these factors and conduct a vigorous defense. Possible outcomes in this situation might include dismissal of the charge, a reduction of the charge, or victory at trial.

An Experienced Plea Negotiator - Beverly Hills DUI Lawyer

In some DUI cases, however, a trial may not be the best solution. It may be better to negotiate a plea agreement that enables you to move forward in your life without the expense or risk of a trial. Beverly Hills DUI Attorney Jonathan Franklin is a former prosecutor and an experienced negotiator. He has a record of success in negotiating and obtaining reduced charges and mitigated penalties for clients in the Los Angeles and the Southern California area. When it is appropriate, he will seek such an outcome for you and present you with all of your options.

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