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Beverly Hills Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

After a drunk driving arrest, you may think that your most important task is the recovery of your vehicle. While that is an important step in getting your life back to normal, your troubles have just begun. You face some tough decisions about your legal representation.

A DUI arrest triggers two legal actions-a criminal DUI charge and an administrative proceeding that will likely result in a driver’s license suspension. You will need a Driver’s License Suspension Lawyer who can address both problems.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin is an experienced DUI / drunk driving defense and criminal defense law firm. We represent clients in both the criminal proceedings and driver’s license suspension and restoration actions, including those involving commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs).

Contact us at 310-273-9600 to schedule your free consultation. Our goal is to help you deal successfully with both the criminal defense and the DMV aspects of your DUI arrest.

Do Not Delay Hiring a Beverly Hills Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Following a DUI arrest, you have 10 days in which to request a DMV hearing regarding your driver’s license. If you do not ask for a hearing, you will get an automatic license suspension. Attorney Jonathan Franklin has extensive experience representing clients in both the criminal proceedings and in the driver’s license hearing related to a DUI arrest.

Our firm may be able to prevent your driver’s license suspension. If not, we will seek to help you obtain a temporary driver’s license that will enable you to go to and from work and perform other necessary tasks.

Driver’s License Restoration

The California Department of Motor Vehicles does not automatically restore your driver’s license. You have to ask for it and demonstrate to their satisfaction that you deserve your license. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin can also seek the full restoration of your driver’s license following a DUI conviction or a license suspension for traffic violations.

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