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A conviction for domestic violence can have collateral consequences that reach beyond any jail sentence or alternative sentencing arrangement. You may lose your child custody or visitation rights. You may lose your job or be prevented from applying for certain jobs. You will lose your right to own a firearm. It can affect your visa status and may result in your deportation. For these reasons, experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense is vital.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, we believe that every person accused of domestic violence deserves a strong and effective defense.

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Defense of Domestic Violence Cases

Generally speaking, California has a “no-drop” policy regarding domestic violence cases. This means that the state is unwilling to drop the charges, even when the alleged victim attempts to retract the complaint that led to the arrest. This policy makes defense of domestic violence charges even more difficult.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin is an experienced criminal defense law firm. We use the law and our abilities to achieve results in domestic violence and other criminal cases. We represent clients accused of domestic violence and abuse both before and after a restraining order is issued.

Our experience shows that in domestic violence and assault cases, the facts can often be at variance with the substance of the complaint. We begin each case with a thorough investigation of the facts. When possible, we interview witnesses and family members to gain additional insights into the events leading up to the arrest.

Our goal is to present a strong and vigorous defense of your rights in order to obtain the best outcome possible, through a dismissal of charges, victory at trial, reduced charges, or a plea bargain with mitigated penalties.

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