If you are facing a second offense DUI in Los Angeles then you are already acquainted with the complicated, costly, and serious consequences in the State of California.  Perhaps your first experience was difficult but the fines and consequences were manageable.  However, should you incur a second offense DUI in California, it will not be as easily disposed of.

The State has instituted penalties that become more severe with each arrest.  One look at recent headlines and statistics involving the cost and consequence of drunk or impaired driving both nationally and in California tells you why.

At every stage of the process, you will find law enforcement officers, judges and probation officers with little sympathy for repeat offenders.  Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have pushed for increasingly tough penalties and legislators have responded.

A driver in California convicted of a second-time DUI offense, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, it makes no difference: one is regarded as a multiple offender and faces multiple legal penalties.  These penalties can include:

  • Probation: 3-5 years of court probation; no drinking and driving during this time period.
  • Fines: $1800 to $2800 in addition to court fees.  Some courts allow individuals to work off part of the fines through community services.
  • Driver’s License Suspension: 2 years; DMV may grant a restricted or temporary license after one year.  An ignition interlock device may be installed on your vehicle at your expense.
  • DUI School: 18 months of a drug and alcohol education program.
  • Jail or Prison Time: mandatory period of 96 hours.  Some counties require 10 days, others require 30 days.

If you already have a DUI conviction, then you should know that the legal penalties are just a part of the picture. There were additional costs like increased insurance rates. A second offense for DUI or Driving Under the Influence will not go unnoticed by your insurance company and perhaps even your employer.  The financial consequences of any DUI offense may stay with you for many years.

A second DUI conviction may even result in the loss of your job, making dealing with the financial consequences of that conviction, even more difficult.  If you find yourself arrested and facing a second offense DUI in Los Angeles , you should immediately seek experienced legal representation.