A DUI is one of the most common criminal charges, and happens frequently enough that an entire network of support structures has been created to help deal with the many different cases that a court might hear. However, the most relevant detail in many cases is the fact that the courts have a certain degree of discretion in choosing which penalties to apply to someone who is convicted and found guilty (and, in all honesty, a guilty conviction is almost always a certainty unless errors in the process can be demonstrated, which does occasionally happen). Punishments can include the suspension of a license, jail time, fines, and even a locking device installed within the vehicle to make it much more difficult to drive while intoxicated.

However, depending on the exact nature of the charges and your criminal history, a Dui Attorney Beverly Hills residents rely on may be able to help negotiate the worst of the punishments into something a little easier to deal with. In many circumstances, this will take the form of community service of some sort. The number of hours will usually vary based on the specific details of the case, but acting in support of the community and demonstrating your willingness to make up for putting others at risk can cause a court to look on you much more favorably than it otherwise might. The only way to be sure about your options is to consult with an attorney, however, which you should do very soon after you’ve found out that you’re being charged with a DUI.