In the U.S. Justice System, everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty in court. Of course, proof of guilt is on the burden of the prosecutor. Nevertheless, you will need a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to argue on your behalf. Even though guilt must be proven beyond reasonable doubt, prosecutors will go to great lengths to persuade a jury that you are guilty of a crime.

Of course, very few people know what actually occurred in the instance leading up to a crime and everyone involved has their own accounts of what really happened. In cases involving domestic violence, which is one of the most common disturbances police respond to, it becomes a case of a he said, she said scenario. You will need a lawyer who is versed in criminal law as outlined by the rules governing the county.

Your lawyer should be able to bring forth eye witnesses, forensics and reconstruction experts. They should also be able to question and cross examine the same people brought forth by the prosecutor and exploit any holes in their accounts. Furthermore, your attorney will also coach you on how to present yourself. This includes basic courtroom mannerisms and consists of everything from body language to the choice of words used.

Your attorney cannot guarantee you a positive outcome but will remain by your side for the entire duration of the trial. In the event that you are charged of a crime, you will need a defense lawyer who will aggressively challenge the prosecutor and look for inconsistencies to prove your innocence.