A DUI conviction can have severe consequences though it is certainly not the end of the world and something you can recover from. However, if you are convicted of a second DUI within a two year period, then you could be considered a habitual offender, and your DUI charge can carry much harsher penalties and consequences.

If convicted, you can expect the penalties to be stiffer this time around. You can expect a mandatory jail sentence of up to 30 days, fines of up to $2,800, attendance of DUI school and alcohol program, and probation of three to five years. A judge may also order to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. Your license will also be suspended for up to two years with eligibility to apply for a temporary driver’s license after one year.

The ramifications are obviously severe and can also have a serious impact on your finances, family and career. Due to the severity of the consequences, you should contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney to serve as your legal counselor both in and outside the courtroom.

While having a prior DUI on your record certainly doesn’t help, it doesn’t mean that the prosecutors have an airtight case against you. Your lawyer will carefully review the evidence and look for any holes in the prosecution’s case. While no defense attorney can guarantee a dismissal, you stand a much better chance of an outcome in your favor if you have a lawyer standing up for your rights.