For most nonviolent crimes, offenders may be placed on probation. This is a benefit both to you and the justice system. For one, it prevents prison overcrowding and saves the state money by not having to keep you locked up. It also means that you can resume your normal life provided that you follow a few rules outlined in the terms of your probation. You will certainly face some restrictions though it is a small price to pay for staying out of jail. However, problems arise when you violate your probation.

There are various instances that could constitute a probation violation. This could include failure to pay a fine, completing your DUI alcohol program or community service. Your probation may also prohibit you from contacting certain individuals, possessing a firearm or narcotics, and leaving the state. Committing a new crime, whether related to your original arrest or not, can also constitute a probation violation.

Your probation period is your chance to show that you can follow the rules and remain a law abiding citizen. Failure to comply with the terms of your probation can have severe consequences. In the event that you are cited for violating your probation, you want to contact a Beverly Hills criminal attorney. In such an instance, a prosecutor will be fighting to have your probation revoked, which equals jail time. A lawyer who has handled probation violation cases may be able to get your probation reinstated, which will keep you out of jail.