In the State of California, a hit and run is generally considered a misdemeanor though the charge can easily elevate to a felony if bodily injury occurred as a result. By law, if you collide with another vehicle and there is damage or injury, you are required to pull over and exchange information with the other driver. If you hit a parked vehicle, then you will need to secure a note to the vehicle that contains your contact information. Failure to do so constitutes as hit and run.

If convicted of a misdemeanor hit and run, you can expect fines, license suspension and possibly a jail term. In a felony hit and run, charges typically include prison, a lengthier license revocation and a heavier fine.

You will need to contact a Los Angeles hit and run lawyer in the event of an arrest. In a haste to convict, prosecutors may deliberately ignore evidence and information that could prove your innocence of wrongdoing.

Even in the event that you did collide with another vehicle, person or object, the prosecution still has to prove intent on your part. There are many instances where drivers collide with another vehicle or object without knowing. It is when you flee the scene for fear of being charged that you can be convicted for hit and run. While you may still be held accountable for any damage or injury caused by the accident, you may be able to get your sentence reduced if your lawyer can show that there was no intent on your part to deliberately flee to avoid providing your information.