Proposition 47, the new law that reduces penalties for certain felony crimes, has already had a positive effect for many Californians.  Many prisoners have already been released from jail and prisons statewide. The new law has also inundated the courts with a plethora of applications from individuals interested in having their records cleansed of felony convictions.

One superior court judge compared the new law to a smoke bomb dropped in every California courtroom. According to the judge, the court is working to clear out the “smoke.” The ballot measure is retroactive. This means that it applies to past crimes. It changes the status of a nonviolent felony to a misdemeanor. As a result, it slashes the sentence of eligible inmates in half. This also makes it possible for anyone convicted decades ago to have their felonies erased.

Felony Convictions Reduced

It is expected that thousands of Californians will petition to have their felony convictions reduced. Courts expect a surge in case load in every county. This may mean some agencies seek additional public funding to complete the additional tasks.

In Contra Costa County, 47 inmates have already been released because of the new law. Defense attorneys are looking through old case records and working overtime to identify those who would benefit from Prop 47 relief.

In the last three years in San Diego County about 18,000 people were convicted of felonies. There are approximately 423,000 felony convictions since 1990 that are possible misdemeanors according to Prop 47.

For those convicted of felonies, there is a strong reason to advantage of the new law. First and foremost, having a felony erased from their record can make it easier to get a job. He or she can also obtain student loans, obtain a license or obtain public housing.

Californians with felonies could have the felonies removed, or expunged, from their criminal records. However, the felonies would remain on their records and accessible to state licensing agencies and police. Thus, the second benefit is that individuals with felonies will no longer have the felony convictions on their records.

Let the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin Help You

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, we are ready to assist you in turning your felony conviction into a misdemeanor. The new law has swamped the California courts with petitions. Some of those petitions were completed correctly and some were not. We will make sure that your Prop 47 petition is completed correctly and it does not get lost in the shuffle of the court system. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us help you erase the past and move on with your life.