Feds are Trying to Figure Out When to Arrest You

How should marijuana driving under the influence laws be enforced in the U.S.? Well, U.S. government agencies and lawmakers are trying to figure that out—and are looking to Washington and Colorado for help. Both recently passed laws legalizing marijuana. They are also looking to scientists for assistance too.

The Federally Funded Study

Scientists and federal agencies are studying how marijuana and the combination of marijuana and alcohol affects driving behaviors. The study, which lasted three years, focused on marijuana and driving. The study was federally funded and required the help of volunteers.

The volunteers used the National Advanced Driving Simulator, or NADS, from the University of Iowa. The NADS, designed to replicate different driving situations ranging from driving on parking lots to gravel roads. There was even a situation where a deer unexpectedly jumped into the road.

Study participants were given one of the following:

  • Marijuana.
  • Placebo.
  • Marijuana and alcohol.

To determine the volunteers’ intoxication levels, blood samples were taken. Once their intoxication levels were recorded, they were allowed to use the NADs to test how “high” was too high to drive a motor vehicle.

The study concluded in the spring of 2014. Federal scientists processed data to determine how intoxicated levels changed someone’s ability to drive. The data results were expected to be released sometime in late 2014. However, it is not known at this time whether the data has been released.

Federal researchers claim the same study methods were used to determine the legal limit for alcohol intoxication levels. Therefore, the goal of the study is to discover a correct and right legal limit to use in a marijuana DUI situation.

Ultimately, the federal marijuana legal limit may be different from the marijuana legal limit in Washington and Colorado. At the time of this article, their legal marijuana limit is 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. Many opponents of tough marijuana DUI enforcement claim that limit is too low. In fact, many individuals claim that drivers under the influence of marijuana while driving should not be accused of or arrested for a crime.

Marijuana DUI Laws in California

California is not waiting for the federal government to figure out its exact marijuana DUI legal limit. Instead, it is enforcing its own marijuana DUI laws. California marijuana DUI laws are complicated—more complicated then the average alcohol DUI charge, so it is important to have a competent attorney on your side.

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