How in the world did I just get charged with Lewd Conduct/Solicitation of a Prostitute? These are your thoughts as you wake up in the drunk tank at the police station. Your head is throbbing and your clothes are ripped and dirty. What did I do last night?  You’re a middle aged, middle class Joe and the last thing you remember is celebrating with the guys because you just won a pool tournament.

Come to find out this girl at the bar was hitting on you and after way too many drinks you went out to the parking lot to your car with her. You were interrupted by a police officer and then found out the girl was a local prostitute.

Now it is time to figure out how to get yourself out of this mess. First what does Lewd Conduct/Solicitation of a Prostitute mean?

Lewd conduct is defined as any unlawful act that is committed by a person with the intent of arousing the libido or sexually arousing one’s own interest or to arouse another party involved. This charge is generally associated with prostitution, pornography, or indecent exposure charges.

Solicitation of a prostitute is defined in two parts. Solicitation is the act of encouraging another to commit or join in the act of a crime. And a prostitute is a person who receives some type of payment for sexual services or favors.

Now that you know and understand the charges you face, it is time to find a local lawyer who specializes in the area of the law concerning Lewd Conduct/Solicitation of a Prostitute. Why a local lawyer? They are familiar with the prosecutors, court clerks, etc. that will be handling your case. You have a better chance of getting the charges kicked or reduced if you obtain a local expert to handle your Lewd Conduct/Solicitation of a Prostitute charges.