Why Do I Have Probation Violations?

If you have probation violations what do you do? There are many questions you may have that you need answered. What do I do? Who do I call? Is there a warrant out for my arrest? All of these are valid questions that you need answered. If you were convicted of a crime of a minimal nature, you may have been sentenced to probation. Probations are when the court gives you a second chance to prove your bad choice was a single episode and your chance to prove to the court you are an upstanding citizen who can exist in society and follow rules.

When you are sentenced to probation, the court gives you rules to follow. If you break those rules it is considered probation violations. Some examples of possible terms of conditions of probation are:

  • Refrain from contact from certain individuals
  • Curfew
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Psychological treatment
  • Community service

Probations sometimes come with supervision. You may have to report to a probation officer periodically. If you fail to report or the officer finds you’re not in compliance with any of the terms of your probation it is considered probation violations.

There are also stricter supervision methods used by the court, such as home detention and GPS monitoring. The home detention requires that you not leave your primary residence and are monitored by a devise. The GPS monitoring devise is worn, so authorities know where you are at all times. If you remove any devices the court has ordered you to wear, it is considered probation violations.

If you believe you have probation violations it is vital to consult an attorney. The attorney can make arrangements for you to turn yourself into the court and possibly negotiate new probation terms with the district attorney, on your behalf. Probation violations can lead to a jail time, the sooner you address them the more leverage your attorney has to help you.