Whether you got caught with a dime bag of weed or a gram of cocaine, drug charges are a serious matter. You may not be an addict; you may have just picked up a little something from a friend for a night of celebration. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time with just a little of anything, can become a big deal.

You don’t want a criminal record with drug charges that will follow you forever. What question is on most job or government applications? Have you been convicted of drug charges, misdemeanor or felony? You didn’t work for your degree to have to answer to a drug charge.

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself on your specific drug charges. If you were busted with a small amount drugs for personal use, usually the charge is a Class B misdemeanor. If it is your first offence, they you could get it plead down and just get probation, community service, and/or fines.

There are numerous types of drug charges, here are some common drug charges, keep in mind that every state has different definitions, so the listed definition is generic:

  • Possession-if you are caught with a controlled substance on or around your immediate area.
  • Delivery-if you are caught taking a controlled substance to someone or offer to sell them drugs.
  • Manufacturing-if are caught creating or producing a controlled substance.
  • Paraphernalia-if you are caught with objects that are used in drug use or drug production.
  • Intent to sell-if you are caught with a controlled substance and plan to sell it, for example if you had multiple small bags of weed.

Once you have learned about your drug charges, it’s time to surf the internet and find yourself a local attorney. An experienced local attorney can fight to have the charges dismissed, appealed, or reduced so your one night of fun doesn’t haunt you forever.