So you were charged with a DUI and plan to just put in a guilty plea and get it over with. Do you know there are ways to Fight DUI charges? In the process of an arrest, there are many technicalities that a police officer must follow. Chances are, somewhere in your case there was an error too. This is why hiring a local DUI attorney is very a wise decision.

Why a local attorney? Local attorneys are familiar with, not only the local courts, but the police too. Attorneys deal with the police often and become aware of their patterns. An experienced DUI attorney has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of cases in the local area. Through each of those cases, the attorney builds up experience and rapport with officers. Attorneys use that experience to help every client thereafter. So if your attorney knows that an officer always forgets to read Miranda rights to people, and he was your arresting officer, your attorney knows where to start with him.

If during your DUI arrest you were given a Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) test, and it proved you over the legal limit, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is an accurate reading. Machines make mistakes too. If the machine was not properly maintained or if the person giving the test was not trained and certified, how can the test results be conclusive?

If you were given a Field Sobriety Test during your DUI stop, was it given correctly? Was the Field Sobriety Test you were given one of the three that have been approved to be used by the National Highway Transportation Administration?

If you have been charged with DUI, you need to obtain an experienced attorney to represent you. In many states you only have as little as ten days after the charge to request a DMV hearing. Expert DUI attorneys know what to do to fight your DUI charges.