While it is unfortunate, sometimes people find themselves in the position of having to defend themselves against second offense DUI charges.   When this happens, the first thing the defendant should do is pick up the telephone and find an attorney who specializes in the area of DUI cases.  These legal specialists know how to best serve their clients’ needs and can make sure court proceedings are fair and that their clients rights are protected.

It stands to reason that the person charged with a second offense DUI will face stiffer penalties than someone charged for the first time.   The number of days he or she might  have to spend in jail are increased, as are the amounts for any fines that may be levied against the person by the courts.

The empathetic lawyer will go over and aboveboard to assure that his or her client receives sound advice and direction about how to proceed once a second offense DUI has been issued.  A specialist in DUI defense will understand how to combat the strategies used by the prosecuting attorney and will try his or her best to persuade the prosecution to reduce or dismiss the charges.   He or she will know how to stand up in court and make motions that force the prosecutor to prove that the legal steps that are required in a DUI care were carefully followed.  He or she will study the particular case to determine whether there are any elements that could possibly work to the benefit of the defendant.

The competent attorney will analyze the facts of a second offense DUI carefully and  will render a professional opinion based upon years of experience.  He or she will then discuss a potentially beneficial approach, any options from which to choose and will  advise the client about the best choices that can be made in that situation.

It is prudent to remember that second offense DUI charges are quite serious and could jeopardize the defendant’s drives license and freedom.  This is why it is especially important to obtain the services of an attorney who specializes in handing DUI charges.