Everyone makes mistakes and seeking expungement/clearing your record, is easier then you may think.  When we are young many of us do foolish things, some of us do things that border on extreme.  When the foolishness of youth results in a criminal record, you may think this mistake will follow your for the rest of your life. That is not necessarily the case.  Having your record expunged or sealed, will help you to be able to find a good job, obtain a professional license, or get into the good school you had your eye on.

Conditions for getting your arrests and convictions sealed vary from state to state. Some common elements include that you have to apply for having your record cleared in writing.  The charge has to be at least a year old; you are done with the sentence, and have no other charges pending. Some felony and sex related crimes can’t be expunged and expunged records can still be used against you to increase the severity of a sentence for another charge.  Juvenile and misdemeanor charges have the best chance of being cleared, especially if you haven’t been convicted of new charges once you reached adulthood.

Expungement/clearing your record means that when you apply for employment you can write that you haven’t been arrested.  Sealed records are even undetectable by most government background checks.  When looking to clear your records make sure that you hire a professional. Find a qualified attorney, who has experience with this type of law, they are more affordable than you make think.  Avoid expungement companies, even ones who claim they have paralegals on staff to help with the paperwork.  Don’t compound the mistake that happen when you were young and a little wild with hiring a fraudulent company to clear your record.