Domestic violence can come in many forms.  There is physical abuse, emotion abuse and a little known form of abuse called reproduction coercion.  Also known as forced pregnancy, some health professionals are shedding light on this situation.  Women who are forced or coerced into having unprotected sex do not have to put up with the fear and frustration any longer.  Seeking medical and legal help can assist you with removing the dangerous element in your life and allowing you to start your life over, perhaps in a healthier relationship.

Forced pregnancy is not new; it is just that only after asking the right questions did professionals realized the problem was so prevalent.  79% of women who reported forms of physical or emotional abuse also reported some form of reproduction coercion. This can range from the secretive elements of having birth control pills flushed or having holes poked in their diaphragm to more severe forms such as forced to have sex without a condom.  Physical abuse doesn’t always have to be present, some partners use verbal threats or even guilt to get their way.  And a person doesn’t have to be married for this type of abuse to occur.  Reports of forced pregnancy have come from women who were dating or engaged to their abusive partner.

While domestic violence is a common element in these cases, many women aren’t aware of the situation they are in.  Studies have shown that women who visit family planning clinics are more likely to realize they are in an unhealthy relationship.  This is because more clinics are starting to ask the right questions that lead women to understand their situation isn’t normal.  Questions like “Are you afraid to admit to your boyfriend you have your period?” can make women understand that something may be wrong.  If this is a situation that you find yourself in, help is available.  Seek the advice of an attorney to determine what your options are and how you can leave your abusive partner for good.