Outstanding warrants can occur as a result of minor infractions and moving violations.  Because you thought the incident was minor you may have ignored it or forgot about it.  Then a few years later you get pulled over by the police for running a stop sign.  They run your license determine there is an arrest warrant, and due to an outstanding warrant, a minor infraction has just turned into a major nightmare.  You need to hire an attorney, and fast to clean up this mess you made with one little mistake.

A warrant is a document issued on behalf of the state for the arrest and detention of a particular individual.  In order for an arrest warrant to be issued a signed affidavit is needed showing a crime has been committed by the person who the warrant is for.  A warrant that isn’t delivered on the individual is considered outstanding. So if you have ignored an altercation with police, even one you thought is minor, the best thing to do is check to see if you have an outstanding warrant.  You can check online or with your local city, county or clerk’s office.  Then you will want to contact an attorney to clear up the matter.

Outstanding warrants can be a very serious matter.  Just because you are embarrassed about something that may have happened ignoring the problem will not make it go away.  Do the research and clear up any outstanding warrants as soon as possible. An attorney can determine the best course of action for you based on the offense that was the cause behind the issuing of the warrant.  They can help you make arrangements to pay the fine or contact the proper authorities to negotiate conditions of surrendering yourself to the authorities.  If you are caught by surprise as a result of a minor infraction, make sure your first call is to your attorney to keep the situation from escalating any further.