hit and run accident is defined as creating a car accident and not stopping to identify yourself. Hit and run can be the act of you hitting a car, fixtures on a car, or colliding with a person. If you cause an accident and do not stop to accept responsibility, legally it is considered a crime. If the owner of the vehicle you have damaged is not on the scene, then you are obligated to leave a note with your contact information.

Most of the time a hit and run is merely due to not paying attention when you’re driving. Reaching for something, talking on your cell phone, or any action that causes you to lose focus on the road can be the root cause of an accident. Fear kicks in when this type of accident occurs. Fear of facing the victim, fear of facing the police, fear of facing the punishment. If you have faced this fear and ran from an accident you caused, then you need to contact an attorney for advice immediately. If the police find it was you that caused an accident and ran from the scene, the punishment can be more severe.

If you are found guilty of a hit and run crime, there are many factors are considered prior to sentencing. What caused you to get into the accident? What was damaged and how bad was the damage? Keep in mind that each state has their own specifications on the punishment for hit and run accidents. Common punishments include:

  • Suspended drivers license.
  • Community service.
  • Jail time.

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you need to seek immediate advice from a professional local attorney today.