How did you get charged with lewd conduct/solicitation of a prostitute? After a long night of fun a beautiful brunette woman approached you, while waiting for a cab in front of the club. You were too intoxicated to walk straight, let alone realize what you had just said yes to. Before you know it you’re in the alley with the girl and one thing led to another. However sobriety kicked in quickly when you were swarmed with police and the beautiful brunette flashed her badge. You got caught up in a sting operation by the local authorities and charged with lewd conduct/solicitation of a prostitute.

How unfair of the police to prey on an obvious drunk man in front of a club. I was minding my own business waiting on a cab. I was responsible enough to know that I couldn’t drive. The police pick the one guy leaning against the building half asleep to set up to charge with lewd conduct/solicitation of a prostitute.

If you believe you have been set up or unfairly charged with lewd conduct/solicitation of a prostitute or any other crimes find a local criminal attorney to fight for you. The police have been known to prey on the weak and take advantage of situations for their own benefit. Stand up for your rights if you feel you were falsely accused or set up by the police and charged. Obtain an attorney to contest the charges against you.

If you have a valid claim then a local criminal attorney can work to get your charges of lewd conduct/solicitation of a prostitute dismissed. If the charges prove to be valid then your attorney can get the charges of lewd conduct/solicitation of a prostitute reduced to ensure minimal penalties.