If you have recently got charged with DUI, you will need help saving your driver’s license. A DUI charge is a very serious offense and is not treated lightly by the law. In recent years the courts have implemented stricter punishments for those charged with DUI, including suspending or revoking driving privileges for an extended period of time or forever in some circumstances. If you are charged with a DUI one of the first priorities is finding a way for saving your driver’s license.

Once you are charged with a DUI or similar offense, in some states you’re driving privileges are automatically revoked until further notice. Hire a professional DUI attorney immediately if you’re serious about saving your driver’s license. Once charged there is only 10 days to request an administrative hearing. This hearing is where your DUI attorney will fight for the reversal of your automatic suspension of your driver’s license.

Facing DUI charges alone in any court proceeding is not advisable. An accomplished DUI attorney whom is familiar with local courts and staff is the key to saving your driver’s license. Take some time to find the right expert attorney to stand up and argue for the reversal of your suspended license.

The purpose of the administrative hearing is saving your driver’s license. Your expert DUI attorney will use all of his knowledge and experience in an attempt to redeem your good name and convince the hearing examiner of why they should reinstate your driver’s license. Your attorney can call witnesses or present evidence to the hearing examiner showing that you are a good member of society who just made one bad decision. Saving your driver’s license is your attorney’s goal, so he will utilize all of his expertise and advocate for your rights.