If you find yourself fighting against your drivers license suspension, you need to turn to the expertise of an attorney for help. The ability to drive in the United States is a privilege. It is not a right that everyone has. Just as every other privilege, it can be taken away. The government uses drivers license suspension as the consequences when you break some laws.

The top four reasons for drivers license suspension in the U.S. are:

  1. DUI.
  2. Refusing to submit to drug and alcohol testing when suspected of DUI.
  3. Child Support.
  4. Too many traffic violations.

If a person is Driving Under the Influence and arrested, many states automatically suspend your drivers license from the time of arrest. You can obtain a DUI attorney who can request an administrative hearing within 10 days after the arrest and fight the temporary drivers license suspension. However if you are found guilty of the charges, generally part of your sentencing is having your license suspended for a longer period of time.

If you are suspected of DUI and refuse testing, many states have imposed laws that automatically suspend your license for refusal. Just as with being charged with a DUI a professional attorney can fight the drivers license suspension.

If you are under court order to pay child support and fail to do so, many states will suspend your driver’s license. States have tightened up on child support laws. This is one penalty used to encourage prompt payments. If you owe delinquent child support you may face driver’s license suspension that may last until you’re outstanding debt becomes current.

Traffic violations rack up points on your license. If you have too many traffic tickets and exceed the point limit, then the courts can suspend your drivers license. This generally requires you to pay all tickets, court costs, fines, and reinstatement fees prior to getting back driving privileges.

If you find yourself facing drivers license suspension, because of DUI charges or refusal of blood and alcohol testing, contact a local qualified DUI attorney to fight your battle for you.