So you got pulled over and the police found a marijuana roach in your ashtray and charged you with simple possession, drug charges. Even though the roach wasn’t yours, you know there is nothing to do but face the music. Now you need to know the facts behind the drug charges of simple possession.

First understand that this is a misdemeanor and is the lightest of the possible drug charges.However all drug charges still have consequences. The repercussions of being charged with simple possession vary. Any penalties imposed depend on the circumstances of the arrest. Here are some of the variables that are considered when determining the penalty for simple possession:

  • If you have a prior criminal record.
  • The type of drug confiscated.
  • The amount of the drug.
  • If you were caught with the drug near a park or a school.

Finding the right attorney to fight for you is vital, because drug charges can follow you forever. You can be excluded from government financial aid, you can lose the ability to get a professional license, and there are more repercussions you may face down the line.

If you’re a first time offender and were caught with just a little marijuana roach or a small quantity of other drugs you need to hire an expert local attorney to fight to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Finding a professional attorney to represent you can result in your drug charges being dropped or reduced to a minimal fine and some probation. The right attorney will use his experience to show the court and the prosecutor that you’re a good citizen with no criminal background who got caught in a bad situation.