I was reading the Glendora Patch the other day and was somewhat amazed by the large number of DUI arrests over the Fourth of July Weekend.  I wasn’t exactly surprised that there was a great deal of drinking going on in LA County–it’s the Fourth of July, after all.  My amazement was with the massive crackdown that netted so many people over the holiday weekend.  The fact that so many county resources were allocated to drunk driving (driving under the influence) shows a shift in priority for LA County officials.

I have noticed that within the court system there is more of a hardliner approach being taken with DUI defendants, even those first time offenders, but I had not realized exactly how much spotlight was being put on DUIs until I read the article.

As a Hollywood defense attorney the bulk of my cases involve DUIs and substance-related arrests.  I have a great deal of empathy for individuals who are brought in on alcohol or substance-related charges.  I know full well the demons that many of my clients struggle with daily, which is why I work so hard to help them receive treatment over jail time and other legal DUI penalties.  These days even a First Time DUI can result in lifelong consequences for the defendant, and feel that it is my job to see that people receive the type of help and understanding we all deserve as humans walking around on this planet.  Instead of penalizing people who have a problem, something that doesn’t necessarily benefit the community, we have an opportunity to provide a means of restoring their lives and making them productive, empathic members of society.

Being an LA County lawyer I see a lot of cases of good people making a bad mistake.  One moment of weakness or stupidity does not a criminal make.  If you’ve had that moment, perhaps you were one of the 836 people snagged over the weekend, give me a call.  I’m here, I’m willing to talk, and you’ll find that I can offer you solutions that can make this bad situation better for everyone.  Call today: 310.273.9600