If you have to come before a judge on second offense DUI charges it stands to reason that the penalties that you are facing will be doubly severe if you are found guilty. A judge can hand down a sentence that includes prison time, the suspension of your license and fines that are crippling. One of the most important things that you need to do in the event of being charged with a second offense DUI is to call in a lawyer. Not just a general practitioner of the law; but an expert.

While people consider that going to prison is the worst that can happen to you, it is wise to remember that having your license suspended for a lengthy period of time could have a similar effect of your life and loss of freedom as going to prison. A second offense DUI is a serious charge and the loss of your driver’s license could have a serious financial effect on your life. A good DUI attorney will weigh up the possible costs to your life and make the utmost effort to save your driver’s license. It is not just a piece of paper saying that you are allowed to drive. For many people it is their entire livelihood and having a suspension for a few years is the last thing that you want.

Hiring a specialist DUI lawyer to defend you on second offense DUI charges is vital. You need to hire a lawyer who has experience in the courts, knows many of the judges and is able to fight on your behalf to minimize your sentence. Your lawyer is the best choice to represent you at the DMV. A judge may suspend your license but you will be given an Administrative Hearing at the DMV as well, and this is where having a legal expert on your side may help to save your driver’s license.